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The Confident Beginner Skater

This class includes beginning moving, stopping and turning skills on inline skates and associated "ICP Skating Rules ...


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Beginning Inline Skating Instruction

Beginning Inline Skating Instruction-Online Course covers the basics of teaching inline skating and is the foundation...

$60.00 USD

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Games for Children

Games for Children is a teaching resource for skating instructors who want to play games that will enhance skill deve...

$10.00 USD

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The Confident Advanced-Beginner Skater

This class includes advanced-beginning moving, stopping and turning skills on inline skates  to ensure a safe an...

$10.00 USD

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Skate Class Package-Buy 3 Classes and SAVE!

This package includes all the materials included for the Advanced-Beginner through Advanced-intermediate classes...

$25.00 USD

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The Confident Intermediate Skater

This class includes intermediate moving, stopping and turning on inline skates to ensure a safe and fun experience on...

$10.00 USD

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The Confident Advanced-Intermediate Skater

This class includes advanced- intermediate moving, stopping, turning on inline skates further building confidence whe...

$12.00 USD

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Here's What You'll Learn To Improve Your Skating & Teaching Ability

Beginner-Advanced Beginner Skills

Instruction and tips for Beginner-Advanced Beginner Skating Skills.

Intermediate Skating Skills

Instruction and tips for Intermediate-Advanced Intermediate Skating Skills.

Problem Solving

Common problems and how to solve them.

Teaching Children

Tips for teaching Children.

Inline Safety

Safety guidelines to help manage the risks related to inline skating.


Additional skating resources to improve your teaching experience.